OIART Alumni - Art Mullin

Grad Art Mullin (’01) is a Producer, Sound Designer and Mixer at RMW Music in Toronto, We asked Art a few simple questions about his career in Audio since OIART. He sent us some great stuff so this is a little more in depth than usual!

OI meets ART if you will.

OI: So why OIART?
ART: People often ask me how I got into audio and if I went to school somewhere. I always tell them about OIART. I put in a lot of time researching schools and I truly believe OIART was the best fit for me. The program is broad, but still manages to let students delve deeper into things that interest them. I spent nearly all my free time that year hanging around the school trying to learn more stuff, and it paid off.

Starting out in audio, I believe one of the best things you can do is to make yourself indispensable. You don’t necessarily have to be the best at one thing, but being really good at several things means people can rely on you. I think my year at OIART not only helped solidify that idea in my head, but helped me prepare to be that guy.

OI: Tell us about some memorable recording gigs?
ART: The Molson Canadian National Canthem, of course. 3 weeks of inventing beer instruments, arranging music, figuring out what worked and shooting the spot ourselves. The spot was broadcast during the Olympics, shown on huge screens around the world and had over a million organic views on YouTube. And I remember most of the session somehow!

(Here’s a link)

OI: You work on Film and Advertising as well…
ART: I’ve been mixing scores for doc filmmaker Ron Mann for a few years, including his last film “Altman” (which I also did some composing for).

I’ve had the pleasure of recording Margaret Atwood a few times. Last time she was here we were on a break and we started talking astrology, which she’s into. Next thing I knew, she was sitting at the desk doing my star chart!”

OI: You’ve had a lot of success…
ART: When working in advertising, one always has to mention awards. I’ve been honoured to produce work that has been recognized at the Cannes Lions, ADCC Awards, The One Show, The London International Awards, Telly Awards and others.

OI: One of the fascinating things about your audio career to me is that you’re able to do a lot of creative work as talent in addition to your technical work.
ART: I do a lot of voiceover work, and lately have been working around in a lot of different studios. I find it interesting to get out and see how different people at different companies are getting the same job done. Sometimes the methods are quite different.

OI: I’ve known you a long time and maybe the last thing I found out was that – on top of everything else – you are also in a successful a capella group!
ART: Well, the recently-completed, about-to-be-launched Retrocity CD would be a great one to mention! Feel free to include links (I did – see below) I’ve been in the a cappella scene since before it was cool, and have had the pleasure of working with some of the giants of vocal music – The Swingle Singers, Take 6, Cadence and others.

The last link below is my current producer reel from RMW.

OI: Thank you so much! Any final thoughts?
ART: Thanks so much for this – it’s an honour to be featured by such a great school.

OI: It’s an honour to have such awesome grads.