OIART - Alumni - Andrew MacRae

Andrew MacRae (’02) has had a varied career in audio. It started out with live production and freelancing at various studios around New Brunswick, then finally settling down in Fredericton at Outreach Productions (OP), a full service media facility specializing in video production and audio post. Starting out as an audio mixer, he was quickly thrown behind a camera and started learning all the aspects of video production, where he spends most of his time now. Working mostly on corporate and government projects, there are also opportunities to work on some great creative projects like documentaries for CBC or doing ADR for the Trailer Park Boys.

Andrew says “OIART was really a launching pad for my career. I had some musical background and a keen interest in the technical workings of audio but going to OIART was what really put things into overdrive. The amount that I learned in one short year would have taken many times longer to learn on my own and really allowed me to start working immediately out of school and have employers’ confidence that I could be trusted in high pressure situations with tight deadlines.”

“One thing that I love about the audio field and also video since I’ve started at OP is how interesting almost everyday is. There’s always something new and exciting going on whether it’s doing location audio with a large crew or fine tuning a mix for hours by myself back at the studio.”