OIART Alumni - Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown (’06) is a Tour Manager and Live Mix engineer for numerous bands. Recently he mixed Big Sugar opening for AC/DC in Moncton NB. He has worked as Tour Manager and Front Of House mixer for Kira Isabella, Tyler Shaw and Wide Mouth Mason. He also works freelance for many Live sound companies including Solotech, PRG, Metalworks, PA Plus and Apex, to name a few, and has worked innumerable shows with the stage union IATSE.

Andrew says, ‘I’d say OIART provided me with an extremely solid foundation, with which I’ve been able to build upon and find support throughout my career. Almost subconsciously I find myself referring back to things I learned in the program, everything from basic signal flow when trouble shooting, to how to manage professional situations on an interpersonal level.” Congratulations Andrew!