OIART - Alumni - Alex Krotz

Alex Krotz (’11) is a Toronto based Audio Engineer who works full time at Noble Street Studios as their Lead Assistant Engineer. This year Alex worked with in incredible 10 Juno Nominees on a total of 15 Nominations. After graduating OIART’s audio and music production program, Alex moved to Toronto to start an internship at Noble Street, one of the top studios in Canada. He quickly worked his way up to full time Assistant Engineer, and counts himself “lucky enough to be trained under some of the best engineers and producers around.”  Some more recent work includes Three Days Grace, Shawn Mendes, Johnny Reid, Matthew Good, Walk Off The Earth and Barenaked Ladies.

Even though he works full time at the studio, Alex still manages to go back to his musician roots to work on engineering and production projects and is forever growing his knowledge. He says, “OIART gave me a great foundation for technical knowledge and showed me how to continually learn. It prepared me for the work environment and how to be what people want from a co-worker. It also gave me connections to help set my career in motion and, most importantly, an everlasting friendship and support group to fall back on.