OIART Audio Technology School dominates Ontario College KPI’s

Apr.22 / 2016
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The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART) is extremely proud to announce that a recently released KPI survey found that 71.4% of OIART program graduates found full-time employment in the audio industry within 6 months of graduation!

The finding in the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) survey conducted by the Ministry for Training, Colleges and Universities of private colleges for the 2013 academic year showed that, at 71.4% employment, OIART outperformed its nearest competitor by over 16 percentage points and was 60% higher than their lowest competitor. It’s also 30% above the sector average.

According to Lee While, Operations Manager at OIART, the result officially confirms what has always been true. He says, “The focus of our entire program has always been to provide the highest level of education in the industry – and help grads find jobs. Our college is highly regarded in the industry, and our own internal data has consistently shown over the years that our grads do very well in finding industry employment quickly – in the prime areas of music production, live audio and audio for visual media such as film, television and gaming.”

He goes on to add “Our success in helping students find work in our industry is also reflected in the fact that our loan default rate is 0%. Our students can start paying their loans back because the majority find steady, full-time work quickly.”

Bob Breen, OIART Career Management Director, also points out that Career Management is actually part of the curriculum. He emphatically states, “We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t help students get their first jobs. We teach them how to be top audio industry professionals but we also teach them how to compete for jobs. We take the one-on-one time to understand their goals and then help with job searching skills, resume writing, interview skills and we connect them with the 1000+ members of the OIART alumni network working in the industry across North America. That’s a huge advantage.”

While it’s the first KPI survey done on private colleges, the 71.4% placement rate is no fluke according to OIART. With their passion for the industry and dedication to students, they intend to remain at the top of the ranking year after year.