AV Companies that are hiring right now

Have you ever been at an outdoor festival and wondered about how everything came together? If you’ve ever thought about how cool it would be to help set sound systems or run audio at an event, I strongly urge you to consider a career in live sound production.

For every live event like concert of festival, there is a staff of dedication audio visual stage hands who have worked work day and night to make your experience the best it can be. In fact, the better they are at their job, the less you think about them. This is because we only tend to think about live production when something goes wrong, say a mic cuts out or sound levels are too low.

If this is something you’ve ever dreamed of doing, luckily for you there are a ton of jobs available in Canada in this profession. Pretty well every major city in Canada has their own group of competing live production companies. Here are just a few to check out:

PRG Canada – Toronto

From large scale corporate events to live music and theatre, PRG Canada does it all. Founded nearly 40 years ago, PRG is a global live production company with teams on nearly every continent. They specialize in advanced technology applications for live events including lighting, video, audio and rigging / automation. If you don’t mind working for a large company, PRG is surely one of the best.

Apex Sound and Light – Toronto

From local shows to National tours, Apex Sound and Light is one of Toronto’s busiest live sound and video production companies. If live music production is your thing, Apex has quite the resume, running live production for artists including Walk Off The Earth, Blue Rodeo, Kelly Clarkson and more. They don’t stop short of production however, offering integration services for private AV tech installations.

Soundbox Pro – Hamilton / Niagara

Soundbox Pro is an award-winning live production group located in the greater Hamilton area in southern Ontario. They specialize in a number of event support and installation services and offer training sessions for internal production teams. If passionate about audio-visual production and love passing on your knowledge, this job might be your true calling!

Solotech – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec

Ever dreamed of working on intricate and large scale live productions? Solo tech is the palce for you. This international live production group offers innovative technological solutions for events in all sectors including sports and music. Some of their most recent work includes the Pyeongchang Olympics and Pink’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour.

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FMAV – Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

FMAV offers the full gambit of live production services, but what makes them stand out is their inhouse team of creatives. Their team, consisting of designers, animators, digital artists, photographers, editors and multimedia producers allows them to offer custom-tailored content that bring live productions to life.

Proshow Audiovisual – Most Provinces

The success of some of Canada’s biggest events relied on the skill of Proshow Audiovisual. From the Juno Award Gala to the BC Tech Conference, Proshow Audio visual have quite an impressive list of success stories. They offer a number of live production studios, and are always seeking passionate new team members.

AV-Canada – Mississauga / Toronto Area

Apple, Bell, Microsoft, RBC are just a few names that have relied on AV-Canada’s services.For 25 years, Canada have been providing excellent lighting, audio, video and tech support for live productions.

QProductions – Toronto

This Toronto-based production company has been providing intrucite and eye-catching stage designs for a decade now. While their services don’t stop short of live audio support, it’s their custom lighting and stage designs that truly speak for itself..

Phase 3 AV– Toronto

Phasethree offer a number of high quality production services for live events across North America. Past clients include Coca-Cola, Sick Kids, Unilever and GE.

EPiQ Vision – Toronto

This Toronto live production team offers support for a variety of small to medium scale events. From weddings to conferences, this dedicated team produces top-notch results.

Evolution AV – Most Major Canadian Cities

From coast to coast, Evolution AV offers professional services for both live production support and large-scale audio visual installations. They have offices in many of Canada’s major cities, which means they are always looking for new team members.

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Real Time Audio Visual Lighting – Winnipeg

This Winnipeg-based AV solutions group provides services for everything from weddings to concerts. Those services include setting up live audio equipment, projection services and lighting equipment for events big or small. Although their offices are located in Manitoba, they also offer services in Western Ontario and Saskatchewan, which means they are likely always looking for new team members.a

Pacific Audio Works – Victoria

Pacific Audio Works has been providing Vancouver Island businesses with professional production services for 25 years. Providing a wide array of both production and on-site services and live events, there are many opportunities for new and experienced audio / video professionals.

groundSOUND Inc. – Halifax

GroundSOUND is an up and coming A/V production group servicing the Atlantic Provinces. GroundSOUND offer a number of services including audio visual for conference and concerts, sound and lighting as well as stage set up for concerts and festivals. In 2018,their outstanding work won them th title of “Production Company of the Year” at the Nova Scotia Music. Awards.