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Sponsored by inMusic Canada, M-Audio and Headrush

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Presented by OIART, Canada’s best school for Music Production offering a truly revolutionary and unique student experience. Our students enjoy true small class sizes with more access to instructors and studios, more hands on time, more ways to express their creativity, greater career options and higher job placement that any other school! Come to OIART to create, collaborate and connect with the best!

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Contest is open from (date TBA) until (date TBA) One entry per person, enter your email address below and you’ll receive an email with a link to download the multitracks of the song. Once you’ve completed your remix, submit it via email to before (midnight end date). Make sure to send just a stereo track labeled “Yourname_mixcontest” as a high quality mp3 (min 256 kbps) or mp4 (AAC). Your email submission must also include a mailing address where any prizes won can be mailed. Prizes will be awarded for the 1st and 2nd best remixes as judged by OIART. Winners will be notified by email by (date TBA). Winning mixes will be posted on this webpage after the contest is over


1st prize:

remix contest prizes

Grand Prize:

• M-Audio Prize Pack (1 x MTRACK8X4)

• 2 x M38BLK Monitors

• 1 x CODE61BK keyboard (CAD MSRP VALUE: over $2500)

2nd prize:

headrush pedalboard-contest

• Headrush Pedalboard (CAD MSRP VALUE: $1949)

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