The Juno week has brought a lot of musical talent to the city – not only artists but music producers and audio engineers as well. We teamed up with the London Music Office and Fanshawe College to present ‘The Dundas Demos Sessions’ to promote the creativity, musicianship and music production that happen here in London. Thus, creating a connection point for London engineers and producers to emerging musicians, to expand mentorship and professional development opportunities. These were 4-hour sessions set up in the heart of Downtown London (where all the Juno activities were taking place during that week). Selected artists recorded 1 demo version of a new song under the guidance and vision of a notable producer/engineer with London ties.

On the first night, we had OIART Pro Tools Instructor Simon Larochette, who graduated OIART in 08’. He continued his audio lifestyle operating the unique and comfortable recording studio ‘The Sugar Shack’ here in London. Since graduation, he has recording many well-known names around the city like Hiroshima Hearts, Wasted Potential and Heart Attack Kids to name a few. He was paired up with John Muirhead, an indie-folk rocker from the London area who has worked with a few OIART students and graduates in the past. John had brought over to the session Juno Nominee, Ben Heffernan to add some overdubbed guitars and vocal harmonies.

You can check out the session below.

The next morning was led by Alex Baerg and Randy Rektor; both graduated with Honours in ’11 from OIART’s best audio engineering program in Canada. Together, they own and operate Studio B: Music Service, where they offer recording, music production, and audio branding services. Studio B offers a comfortable place to create music with a large tracking space and the quality equipment of a large format facility. The team had been set up to work with musician Justine Chantale, a country/pop singer from Stratford, Ontario. Additionally, Alex and Randy brought along violinist Jesse Grandmont to add some country touches to the song.

You can check out the session below.

Next up, we had OIART Production and Pro Tools Instructor Dean Nelson recording the band Lost In Japan, who are no strangers to OIART. They have been in and out of the studios helping out a few student projects over the years. This got pretty loud, as Dean brought in a full drum kit into the tiny pop up studio which you can see the production of the demo below.

On the final day, we had Matthew Johnston working with local musician Justin Maki as well as Fanshawe Music Industry Arts Grad Tokyo Speirs working with local London Rapper SUM-01.

These sessions are a great look into the music production and engineering that goes into the demo process.