OIART - Alumni - Caitlynn Legris

Caitlynn Legris (’12) works at the Arden Theatre in St. Albert AB as a Theatre Technician. After graduating OIART’s audio and music production school, she worked in nearby Edmonton as a freelance live sound tech. Even then, her favourite gigs were at the Arden, where she was able to land her current full time position. Upcoming shows at the Arden include Royal Wood, Monkeyjunk, Fred Eaglesmith, David Myles, Measha Brueggerosman and Delhi 2 Dublin. This season’s events even include a lecture with one of Canada’s most compelling historical figures, Margaret Trudeau, mother of current Prime Minister Justin and wife of former PM Pierre Trudeau.

Theatre Tech “sort of means I do anything and everything; lights, Front Of House audio, monitors, rigging, and even carpentry,” explained Caitlynn. “We’ve started getting into live webcasting for our professional series shows, which means doing a whole separate audio mix for the web.” Caitlynn adds, “I feel comfortable going into any situation and knowing that I can troubleshoot just about any problem I’m having. The ability to know where my signal is coming from and how it’s getting to where it needs to go is immensely valuable, and OIART gave me that.”