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In this section you’ll find housing information from students and landlords. View our listing of rooms and apartments by clicking one of the headings to the left.

Contact the landlords for more details. You can also view other rental options by visiting Kijiji - an online classifieds site that is commonly used to find student housing in London.

If you would like to add a new listing for students for the current year, please contact Lee. Please advise us ASAP when listings are no longer valid.

If you would like to be listed here as possibly sharing accommodations with another OIART student for the up-coming year, send Lee an email message. Please include any contact information, as well as any personal information or preferences that you would like to have appear beside your name in the list.

Rooms for Rent

For Rent: Rooms available in a clean, well maintained, bright, and spacious townhouse
Monthly Fee:  $415-$450
Address:  Within walking distance to OIART
Contact:  Lee While, OIART Registrar and Program Coordinator:  519-686-5010 ext. 27 or lwhile@oiart.org 

Includes all utilities, high speed internet, furnished living room and kitchen (including pots, pans, dishes, utensils etc), and laundry facilities.

Less than five minute walk to bus stops for two major bus routes (13 Wellington, 14 Highbury) for easy access to anywhere in the city

These rooms are only offered to serious and mature students who intend to excel in their studies. This is not a "party house" but an environment for students dedicated to success in the program at OIART. I try to screen potential tenants in an attempt to ensure all students sharing the house are likeminded and compatible.

For Rent: Rooms in 4 Bedroom Condo
Monthly Fee: $400 and up (incl. utilities)
Address: 500 Osgoode Drive
Contact: Cindy Martin, 519-280-5549 or martinloocindy@yahoo.ca


  • Executive style condo for OIART students exclusively
  • Across the street from OIART
  • Furnished bedrooms & common living areas
  • Laundry and parking included
  • Central air

For Rent: Two furnished rooms available in a clean well-maintained home
Monthly Fee: $400/Month ($450 with parking)
Address: 10min walk to school
Contact: Carol 519-685-9709


  • Rent includes high speed internet, fully equipped kitchen, laundry, air conditioning, private bath.
  • No smoking. No pets. 
  • My son was a drummer in a band who used to practice here. I like music in the house. You would be welcome to do the same.

For Rent: Rooms in 4-bedroom condo
Monthly Fee: $375 and up (incl. utilities)
Address: 500 Osgoode Dr.
Contact: Ann Wiebe, 519-860-3797 or ann.wiebe@gmail.com 


  • Across the street from OIART, 3 minute walk
  • Furnished bedrooms & common living areas
  • Laundry facilities
  • Parking
  • High speed internet included
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • Currently rented to OIART students

For Rent: 4 Furnished Rooms Available
Monthly Fee: $370-$390 (incl. utilities)
Address: 10-15 minute walk to OIART.
Contact: Larry, 519-670-0419 (call or text) or benoit@rogers.com


  • High speed internet 
  • Laundry facilities
  • Fully furnished rooms and kitchen
  • Parking
  • 11 month lease option
  • Well maintained property
  • No smoking, no parties, no pets
  • Rented to OIART students for 16 years



For Rent: Furnished and Unfurnished Rooms
Monthly Fee: $425 unfurnished, $450 furnished
Address: 15 Dow Road
Contact: Jennifer or Dale McEwen, h: 519-203-4606 cell: 519-619-1973


  • Utilities included
  • Laundry facilities
  • High speed internet included
  • Less than 10 min walk to school
  • Parking
  • Shared with other OIART students

For Rent: Rooms
Monthly Fee: $245 -$475, depending on size
Address: 190 Wharncliffe Road North
Contact: Seamus Vaughn, 519-204-6007


  • Located near the downtown core
  • Directly on bus route
  • Furnished bedrooms and common areas
  • Laundry facilities
  • Parking
  • Clean and well maintained

For Rent: Two furnished rooms available in a Residential Home
Monthly Fee: $400 & $450/Month includes parking and utilities
Address: 143 Langarth St W. London On
Contact: Colin, 519-636-8556 Email - tattoo_4@hotmail.com


  • Rent includes high speed internet, fully equipped kitchen,
  • Common Room
  •  laundry, air conditioning, 
  • No smoking. No pets. 
  • There is a cat in the home (Will be kept in owners area)
  • On LTC Bus Route (Emery St. & Wharncliffe Rd)

Apartments For Rent

Apartments for Rent

For Rent: Two bedroom apartment to share with quiet working female in a private house
Monthly Fee: $400.00 inclusive
Address:  26 Carfrae in Wortley Village
Contact: Susan Ray, 519-434-4740


  • Available Aug 15th.
  • Utilities included
  • 15 minutes by bus to OIART
  • Laundry facilities
  • Parking
  • Close to downtown

For Rent: 1 Bedroom Upper Apartment
Monthly Fee: $650 inclusive
Address: 379 Wharncliffe Rd South.
Contact: Judy Stewart, 519-641-3825 or 519-619-1466


  • Bright, clean, private entrance
  • Parking
  • On main bus route
  • Close to shopping and banks

For Rent: Spacious 1 Bedroom Apartment
Monthly Fee: $620 heat included, hydro extra
Address: 266 Ridout St. South (Baseline and Ridout)
Contact: Chris Graham, 519-871-1700


  • Upper level of home, private entrance
  • Bus at door
  • Kitchen, bath, living room, large bedroom

For Rent: 2 Bedroom Apartment
Monthly Fee: $600 inclusive
Address: 120 Wellington Rd South.
Contact: Connie Fan, 519-439-0033 or 519-520-5403


  • Furnished bedroom and living room
  • Parking
  • On main bus route
  • Laundry facilities

For Rent: Fully furnished unit (including dishes, linens, etc.)
Monthly Fee: $600
Address: 206 Cathcart Street
Contact: Linda, 519-434-1200 or lindamac@rogers.com


  • House is air-conditioned
  • All utilities are included, including internet and cable
  • Laundry is available at no cost
  • Parking available
  • No smoking or pets

For Rent: Rooms in a 4 bedroom house, clean and freshly painted

Monthly Fee: $450, includes utilities

Address: 241 Goddard Blvd (9km from school)

Contact:  Pam 519-440-9805 cell or 519-524-6651wk


  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2 living spaces (upstairs and downstairs)
  • laundry
  • parking
  • need to provide own bed
  • no smoking, pets or parties
  • currently rented to one OIART student

Looking to Share Accommodations?

Send Lee an email message if you would like to be listed here as possibly sharing accommodations with another OIART student for the up-coming year. Please include any contact information, as well as any personal information or preferences that you would like to have appear beside your name in the list.

Hailey B from Ottawa, ON, 202brooklyn202@gmail.com, 306-203-0929

Nick W from Atkikokan, ON, nick.warren266@gmail.com, 807-598-0109







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