Jason Dufour ('07) Wraps with Protest The Hero

Jun.21 / 2013
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Congratulations to Grad Jason Dufour ('07) who recently finished engineering the new album from Protest The Hero. The much anticipated record-in-the-making has gotten a lot of buzz for its fundraising initiative through Indiegogo, and the introduction of Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler after the departure of longtime band member Moe Carlson.

"This may come out being one of our more heavy sounding records, or more metal sounding record." - Protest The Hero Singer Rody Walker, AUX.TV

As staff engineer at Revolution Recording, Jason has had the pleasure of working with the music industry's biggest acts from Canada and around the world. Check out his Discography here.

Here is a photo of Jason (front) and Canadian Producer Julius Butty. For more photos from Protest The Hero's time at Revolution Recording, click here.