METZ Makes Polaris Prize Short List

Jul.17 / 2013
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The short list of nominees for this year's Polaris Music Prize have just been announced. This is an annual award that recognizes "the albums of the highest artistic integrity, without regard to musical genre, professional affiliation, or sales history, as judged by a panel of selected music critics". 

Making the short list cut is the self-titled release from METZ (Sub Pop), which OIART grads Alex Bonenfant ('04) and Graham Walsh ('98) engineered/mixed the bulk of. 

In their review of the record, Pitchfork Magazine said:

"After a couple of small-run 7"'s, and a series of sessions helmed by producers including Owen Pallett/Dusted associate Leon Taheny, Crystal Castles engineer Alex Bonenfant, and Graham Walsh of Holy F***, they've distilled their set-list standards into 29 minutes of pure but artfully rendered chaos."

Alex Bonenfant is a resident engineer/producer at Toronto based Dream House Studios, and his other credits include Crystal Castles, Diamond Rings, July Talk, and more. He also runs a independent record label - Sleepless Records.

Graham Walsh is one of the founding keyboard and effects players of the band Holy F**k, and has mixing/engineering credits with Holy F**k, Lights, Great Lake Swimmers, and more.

From METZ, here is the video for Wet Blanket: