Recording The Great Paul McCartney

Nov.14 / 2013
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Congratulations to grad Matty Green ('03), who in 10 years went from being an OIART student to recording the most famous, and beloved, musician on earth. Matty was the recording engineer on all the sessions at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles for Paul McCartney's new album, aptly titled "New," and is credited on every track.

Here's what Matty has had to say about why he values his OIART education:

"I feel like OIART helped me to be ready for anything and everything. OIART really trains students well, to understand how ALL gear works instead of just a few pieces. You really have to understand why something is happening in order to troubleshoot effectively. OIART gives students that knowledge."

Matty's previous credits include Lady Gaga, Moby, Taylor Swift, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kayne West, and more. Have a look at a full list of credits on his AllMusic Page.

photo by Mary McCartney