Rock'em Sock'em 25 Released Today

Nov.27 / 2013
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Grad Jon LeBrun ('03) did the sound design, music composition, music supervision, and mixing for the 25th edition of the annual Don Cherry highlight package. The series' producer Tim Cherry, Don Cherry's son, had a few things to say about working with Jon:

"While creating the brand of Rock’em Sock’em Hockey over the past 24 years, I have learned that music is as big a part of the productions success as is the NHL footage. The right music breathes life into the projects and sets them on a fast and fun pace. I have worked with Jon Lebrun on several volumes of Rock’em Sock’em Hockey and have had nothing but great results. The featured songs and background music have been outstanding and have added a great deal to the overall production value of the products."

The DVD also features music recorded and mixed by grads Kirill Telichev '09 (The Suppliers) and Matt Weston '05 (The Dyadics).