OIART Grads at the 2016 Paralympics

Sep.15 / 2016
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As the 2016 Paralympics are winding down, we thought we’d look back and pay tribute to the many OIART audio production graduates who worked on the 2016 Rio Olympics. We witnessed Canadian sprinter Andre DeGrasse be anointed the next one by the great Usain Bolt and surprise teenage four-time medallist Penny Oleksiak take home the most medals by a Canadian in a summer games, ever. OIART grads working in many roles helped bring you the action!

Post Audio Presentations: Damian Kearns (’94), Radio Producer: Sean Brocklehurst (’96), Toronto Producer: Trevor Wilker (’98), Producer, Media Librarian: Adam Blinov (’03), Rio Production Audio: Michael Hayes (’05), Rio ENG Camera: Bryan Moreau (’05), Audio A2 Studio 42: Peter Hushcha (’11), Music and Sound Design. Lastly the theme music came from Grayson Matthews, where Chris Masson ’12 is employed. OIART Career Counsellor Bob additionally wants to give a shout out to his longtime friend and the man in charge of the CBC Olympics operation, Putnam’s own Chris Irwin; Broadcast Executive Producer. Chris was also kind enough to share the entire credit reel!