OIART Grad Works on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Jan.28 / 2016
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Andrew Farlow ('12) works at StereoD in Toronto where they perform 2D to 3D film conversions. "We did the 3d version of Star Wars! I actually did the final shot. It was amazing to have my hands on such a memorable film! We are also doing the next two and are currently working on the re-release of terminator 2!" Amazing! So we asked Andrew how his OIART education helped him land the dream job of working on a multiple Oscar nominee and the highest grossing movie in history. Here's what he told us: "Absolutely OIART was a big reason I got the job. Of course the interview skills for sure made a huge difference, I got the job right after my first interview with only a couple emails previous to the interview. Understanding signal flow is one of the most important things when it comes to the program we use; instead of using layers you use a flow diagram. So everything pertaining to signal flow was a huge help especially when troubleshooting. I am able to identify problems much quicker and easier than most people who came from a purely visual background. Like you always said these skills are so universal! It was a very easy transition for me!"

Congratulations on your success Andrew!!!