One Audio Engineering Curriculum, many outcomes

Everything we do and everything we teach in our audio engineering school is designed and proven to make your transition from student to professional as seamless - and brief - as possible. Whether your passion lies in music production, sound design, live sound or recording technologies, after 11 months with us you’ll be ready to hit the proverbial ground running; at the speed of sound no less.

Unlike other audio engineering schools, we don’t offer an a la carte menu of course options that you’re expected to pick and choose from. Instead, OIART provides one perfect, focused and entirely relevant audio engineering curriculum that has been honed over the past 30 years to prepare you for your future in the audio industry. We regularly consult top industry experts as well as the Audio Industry Advisory Council to make sure that the audio engineering school course content delivered is not only relevant, but insightful.

You won’t just understand the theories behind sound that connect all of the areas of application, you’ll learn when and where to apply these concepts to real world situations. And since we all know practice makes perfect, you’ll have over 600 hours of hands-on studio time to hone your skills.

The results of our unique audio engineering school curriculum speak for themselves. On average, a full 90% of our students graduate, and over 80% of our graduates are successfully employed in the audio engineering industry within six months. 

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