OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 6

Nov.01 / 2011
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We just made it through our first batch of midterms at OIART!  Congratulations to all.  They were mucho intense, but very rewarding.  It’s amazing to realize just how much we have learned in the past 7 weeks.  Crazy.  We all keep saying, “Imagine how much we’ll know by the (fast approaching) Holidays!”  Can’t wait.  I hope my brain is big enough though.

In week six, we graduated to using the bigger consoles.  How do you get to know what all those pots, switches and faders do?  (Christoph note: only noobs call them “sliders”.)  Slowly but surely, my friends.  Don’t let the schematics scare you.  Signal flow is your friend.  Get to know each other – intimately.  Show it a good time.  Maybe even take it out to dinner.  The rewards are definitely worth it!

And if at first it seems too much for you, don’t sweat it.  There’s always a helping hand.  Shawn:  “So what happens to the signal when it leaves the channel and monitor path?”  Intern Corey:  “It basically enters magic ferret space.  That’s what the brush on the console is for.  Not getting rid of dust, but grooming the Magic Space Ferret in the console.”  Shawn:  “Oh.  Should we get rabies shots?”  (Disclaimer:  OIART does not actually use animals for any sort of manual labor. And interns do eventually give serious explanations.)

I had the opportunity to work with crew 4 this week to record some tracks.  Thanks to Alec, Caitlynn, Sean and Trevor for the great time.  I found out that Caitlynn plays a mean harmonica!  You meet all sorts of talented people here with all sorts of cool skills.  I also learned the value of recording several different parts to a click track.  At least they were nice enough to tell me that although my contributions were off on the timing, they had great “feel.”  Lolz.

Here is Justin on a “live” board.  I was all like, “Hey Justin, give me a cool pose.”  And he was all like, “[see picture].”  Mission accomplished.  Do you think that the 1604 ever gets jealous of other consoles?  Don’t worry, Mackie, it’s not the size that matters.  We love you too.

Our crew, The Night Owls, also got to spend a couple of hours recording and practicing all of our acquired skills (setting up instruments, micing them up, laying pristine cable runs, setting up foldback, preparing and recording into Pro Tools and getting comfortable on a mixing board).  Here are Brian and Ian jamming on, what I believe was, “Billie Jean” by the late-great MJ.

To conclude this post, I would like to end with an epic closeup of pan(oramic) pot(entiometer) manipulating.