OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 23 & 24

Mar.01 / 2012
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Here is a recap of Week 23 & 24! Dean and Zack are practicing their re-amping skills.  That involves taking previously recorded material (from a guitar or any other instrument, really) and re-recording that signal through an amp.  As our Recording Technology instructor, Mark, asks: where does your mind take you?  Want to put a drum loop through a distortion pedal?  A vocal line through a wah-wah?  A bass part through a cheesy delay pedal?  Go for it!  As you can tell from their faces, it’s pretty fun.

Field trip time!  We had the opportunity to go to London’s fine Aeolian Hall to witness first hand the miking of a beautiful sounding grand piano and cello. Click here to read all about that experience.  Here’s a mic’s view of that gorgeous piano:

Chick Corea himself signed it!  Have you ever heard his tune “Spain”?  If not, please listen to it now.  Go on – it’s great.

We also got a tour of the hall by our live sound instructor, Christoph (the Aeolian Hall is his other stomping ground).  It was a great experience and we heard many different mic combinations and positions.  It was also nice to see our Pro Tools/Production instructor, Dean, at work placing mics and chatting up the talent.  One final note about the hall: it sounds amazing!  Go check it out for yourself if you have the chance.  They have plenty of concerts there.  http://aeolianhall.ca/

This week we had a bunch of exams.  Now it’s Reading Week break!  Time to relax and recharge the batteries before the next round of our “Awesome Audio Adventure at OIART.”