OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Semester 3

Jun.15 / 2012
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Here are a few recent photos of what we`ve been doing at OIART:

Members of Group B (L-R: Shawn, Sam, Derek & Ben) recording a cover for Production class.

Our illustrious Prod leader, Dean (right), listens along as Humberto plays the drums.  There’s Justin in the back adding to the positive vibes.

Here are my roommates Sam and Collin tracking bass for Collin’s 3rd term final project

This is the drum setup we had for our Super Session (that’s where awesome bands come from Humber College and we record them for a few hours).  Check out the Marwills (http://www.themarwills.ca) if you have a chance.  They were great to work with.