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Mar.27 / 2017
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This week is almost the end of semester two and finals are coming up, which means projects are nearing completion. All of the students have been working hard on the second Production project and our Audio for Visual ‘Inspiration’ project. Both projects are done in groups and we are all very excited to be able to show our finished projects!

For our Audio for Visual project, we have been doing sound design for a video by the name of ‘Inspiration’. This was our first Audio for Visual project with an industry director - Francois Driessen. Francois visited early on to supply us with a vision of what he wanted for the story, which we were able to build on with our own vision. This was done through a live spotting session which aided in shedding light on what he wanted for sound, the feeling he wanted to achieve, and what was necessary as details for the video. Once the spotting session was over, we all split up into our crew pairs and each group of two worked hard on designing the sound for what Francois had as a vision, while still maintaining individual creativity overall in the project. We were all able to record and edit a massive variety of sounds for the video in the Foley booth and sequence what we recorded alongside audio from provided sound libraries. And now coming up to week thirty, Francois will be returning to give critique and input to projects.

The second production project has been going quite successfully for the crews and the songs being recorded are starting to come together. The project is very similar to that of the previous semester, although for this project we all have more experience and more of an idea of what we’re doing.

Last semester, my crew got the opportunity to record a local vocalist who had written an original song, though that left our crew as most of the rest of the talent for the project, which was a good experience and was quite successful, though, for this project, we were all quite happy to get a three piece band with an electronic rock song that we’re in the process of recording. We’ve been able to record synths, guitar, drums, auxiliary percussion such as clapping, and we have yet to record vocals. Our crew is very happy with the sound of our song so far.