Oiart - Alumni - Chris Masson

Mar.23 / 2017
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Chris Masson is the Head of Media Management & a Junior Engineer at Grayson Matthews Inc, a creative production agency specializing in music and sound across diverse media platforms, from film, television & advertising, to virtual and augmented reality experiences. Upon graduating from OIART, Chris worked at Infinite Skills, a computer software IT training company, as the in house audio & video editor. He then dove into the professional post production audio industry in the Media Department at RMW Music (now Vapour RMW), followed by his current position at Grayson Matthews Inc. 

Chris is grateful to be part of such a diverse and innovative team at Grayson Matthews, and is constantly collaborating with leading creatives, producers, directors, actors, and musicians in the industry. He is excited to be engaged in world class audio production and interacting with renowned clients from across the globe. Their advancements in spatial audio is just one example of the company's passion for the emerging technology, and Chris feels grateful to be a part of such a unique and successful company in the industry. 

Since graduating OIART in 2012, after receiving both the Music Recording Production Term One Award & Best Radio Spot Award, Chris has realized how beneficial his post secondary education was. OIART provided him with a solid foundation for both the technical and creative aspects of the industry, and encouraged collaboration & networking with others; something that has proved crucial to success in the industry. 

“For me, the biggest benefit of attending OIART was the access to world class instructors on a daily basis and their guidance on my future career. The small class sizes, 1 on 1 time with professors and their dedication to your projects really set OIART apart from other schools I researched. I feel like in this day and age technical skills can be learned in most courses/online/etc but the real life examples and assistance I got from my professors was what set my experience apart. Also, having a crew of 3 other brilliant musicians/engineers to work with really helped with my development throughout the program (Hammer Snakes for life). ”