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Jan.30 / 2017
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We’re now onto the second semester for the class of 2017, and that means new projects, classes, and experiences for OIART students, which we’re all very excited for!

Beginning this semester we all got the opportunity to begin recording and producing songs with local artists. Each crew submit a demo, most often recorded on a phone of their artist's original song or cover that we would be recording in the studios during lab time. We're now approaching the end of the project and all of the songs are turning out fantastic so far!

Every crew had to organize time for their artists to come in to record instruments and vocals during lab time and some crews had multiple artists for vocals and instruments or even had talent within the crew. My crew found a vocalist with an original song, though we had our crew mate providing instrumentation for the song and we couldn't have been happier to have him there as a part of our crew.

Every week we got the opportunity to record in the studios and troubleshoot to get the perfect tone we wanted for each instrument and vocals. We got the opportunity to run the studio for a few hours, choose different microphones, compressors, pre-amps and gates and mic up many different instruments. My crew has one session left to record and we only need to record guitar now, so we're all super excited to hear how our song will turn out once everything is recorded and finally mixed! We've learned lots about the production of songs and are able to apply many techniques we've learned to the song that we're recording.

My personal favourite of many of the new subjects we've learned lately is the program Melodyne! Melodyne gives you the opportunity to fix pitch, timing and much more in vocals with simple tools. The program is very easy to learn and what it can do to enhance already great vocals is incredible. We were only introduced to it last week but I already loved getting the chance to try it out on both of our current projects.

Our Audio for Visual Media project that we started around the same time is designing audio for an animated Red Bull commercial, giving us our first chance to record foley, dialogue, and sound effects for the commercial as well as the opportunity to head around the school with the 744T and record footsteps and anything else we decided we want for the commercial. There's still a couple of weeks left for this project but we're all very proud of our current projects and how they're turning out!

This project was another chance to use Melodyne as well, as we all did our own dialogue for the characters, which meant that we had to try to match our voices sonically to that of the characters in the commercial, which meant playing around lots with the formants of our vocals to change our voices to suit the characters more.

All in all, this has been an exciting few weeks for us all at OIART and we're all eager to see where the rest of the semester will take us, including how all of our projects will turn out!