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Nov.02 / 2016
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Welcome back everyone! Hope all of the OIART students did well on midterms.

Anyways, with school back in full swing I figured it was time to make another post on the ol' student blog. Here's what we have been up to in week 8.

The week started off for crew 5 with the start of our first project for our Audio for Visual Media Class. The project let's us produce our own sound for a trailer to a video game trailer called "LIMBO." Now, I've never played this game, but upon doing a quick google search it appears to be a creepy platform game. As a big fan of anything horror related, I'm super excited for this project, and am definitely going to check out this game when the project is all finished.

I also met with my old frenemy, the Westar console. It appears the hostility has shifted into a more friendly realm between us. I feel like I am getting the hang of this. Once signal flow diagrams are deciphered, it's not so bad. This last week, we learned about the patch bay. For those who aren't familiar with what a patch bay does, it basically allows you to route a signal from one strip to another, as well as send signal to outboard gear. Super cool!

On Thursday, our Live Sound and Event Production Instructor, the amazing Mark Taleski, managed to get us in to Budweiser Gardens so we could watch the set up for the Our Lady Peace concert that was happening that night. Now, I highly recommend watching a set up if you ever get the chance. It's actually crazy how much work goes into setting up a concert. I was pretty blown away. Plus it was really inspiring hearing from some of the hardworking individuals who help make it all happen. Now I really didn't see myself going into live sound before coming to OIART, but now I'm not so sure! I think watching the up-riggers climbing across beams that are 60 feet high really awoke my inner live girl. Seems like a thrill. Plus it was super fun when we finally had our Live Sound lab hanging our own truss. 

Now last but not least, for our Pro Tools labs we also learned a bit more about how MIDI works within Pro Tools, as well as using virtual instrument plug-ins. Now, not to brag, but I did conjure up a pretty sick beat. Guess I better start working on my DJ name.

Anyways, that's all for this week.  Stay tuned for next week's post, and have a good week!