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Oct.11 / 2016
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My name is Allison and I will be the new captain of the OIART student blog for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. In this blog, I'll be covering every gritty detail of labs, as well as other points of interest. Stay tuned!

Anyways, let's get down to business. 

Week 5 started out with a fun one. On Tuesday, we had our night split up with learning to edit with fades for our Pro Tools class, and structuring sounds to a short video clip for Audio for Visual Production. I must admit, I had a bit of a power trip with the sound structuring one. You don't realize how much you can manipulate an audience with sound until you actually try it for yourself.  Plus, can we just talk about how easier it is to edit with fades? So much faster than splitting at the zero crossings...

The next night, we were treated with another split, with our Pro Tools session organization lab, and MIDI. Oh MIDI... nothing makes me want to form a New Wave band quite like playing around with hardware synths. I honestly feel like I should be sporting shoulder pads and a scrunchie before I even get close to them. As someone who was strictly a VI girl before coming here, I have found a lot of love for these hardware synths. Plus, finally touching the AVID C24 console for the first time for our session organization lab was exhilarating. Nothing like a bunch of buttons to awaken my inner 5 year old.

Thursday night was a double whammy, with our film scene design and live sound labs. 

First off, I just have to mention, studio 8 would be the best place for a movie night. You haven't fully experienced a film until you've heard it in an acoustically treated environment. As far as the lab went, our task was to analyze a short scene from any film of our choice and breakdown all of the elements of sound that went into it. I didn't own any movies on DVD, but luckily our instructor Mark Vogelsang has excellent choice in movies. I ended up analyzing the last scene in Black Swan. If you've seen the film, you'll know what I'm talking about. I must say, I've never fully appreciated sound design in film until all of the tiny details were laid out to me in class. Now I just can't stop. Every movie I've tried to watch lately has been a bit of a failure. I'm catching myself not even paying attention to the actual story and just focusing on the sounds. OIART has broken me. Netflix binges will never be the same. 

Also, just want to mention, I never knew how much work went into bringing up sound on a console until I started classes at OIART. I honestly thought you just hit a button and it would happen magically. I have seriously developed a huge amount of respect for live guys. Plus wiring up amp racks are quite tedious. Or maybe my hands are too shaky. I think I need to lay off the coffee...

Also can we just talk about how cool it was to blast our tunes from the Line 8s??!! 

Okay, moving on to our last lab, signal flow on the Westar. Oh, the Westar.... I think I made a new friend. Or enemy. Not sure yet. That thing has so many knobs on it, it made my head spin. I swear it all made sense on the paper, but I gotta say, bringing up a microphone on that thing was actually quite a challenge for me. I'm sure with time we will become more acquainted. Maybe I just needed more sleep. Like I said before, I think I need to lay off the coffee.