OIART Student Post – Sinan – Foley Recording

Jan.20 / 2013
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Doing Foley for a animated commercial can be a very creative process –  even when recording things like footsteps. (What is Foley?)

In the ad we worked on, people in posters come alive and walk around. I had the idea of recording steps in piles of crumpled paper, to make it sound like it is in a paper world. There was a problem, none of the paper supplied in the Foley booth had the right texture and thickness to produce the sound I needed. After testing different paper, I found the phonebook’s paper was superior. “He” took one for the team, or in this case about 20.

Here is a shot of me “performing” the sound in the Foley Booth. You can see a lot of different Foley props for making the sounds of various things.